This is a message



You are valued by the Creator God. He knows you and loves you more than you can ever know, even when no other human being cares that you exist. You get that just because He made you, and He made you perfectly and for a purpose. You exist to bring glory to God, that’s the highest purpose that there is. Live and walk in that truth.

“The gift of God is eternal life” is Christianese for “God is bigger than you and wiser than you. Trust in His promises and you can have peace every moment if you choose to receive it.” There is this crazy story about a carpenter in the Middle East. They say that he was really the son of God and he knew some stuff. They say he knew God’s heart and mind, in fact, some say he really was God in human form. They say that he lived a “sinless” life (that’s Christianese for “perfect” or “without flaw”), healed sick people, and even raised some from the dead. People were impressed by his healing powers, but they thought the stuff he taught was even more important and they wrote a lot of it down, continuing to preserve his words over millennia! While he was still alive this carpenter dude said that he actually was God and that he was going to die to save all people from their “sin” (Christianese for “problems, pain, turmoil, tragedies, … etc.” – generally stuff that makes life bad). He was the only human being ever who would be able to save humanity because of his perfect life. That’s the way God made things work, he said. This part is a little weird and I don’t understand it myself – the Catholics call it a “mystery” and that’s OK with me. Later this carpenter said that if we asked for him to save us from sin, he would. Plain and simple. Some people thought that this promise was so important for the rest of humanity to know that they went all over the world to tell people about the carpenter’s promise. The interesting bit about sin is that we create it and also are the victims of it. Why on earth would we do that!!?? That seems so STUPID. But it’s like a curse that we can’t break (in fact, there’s a another story about that curse, but I’ll save that for another time). Even for people who believe that the carpenter’s promise is the truth, life is still hard (trust me I know). Sometimes it seems like it doesn’t matter whether I believe the carpenter or not because I still create sin and am hurt by it. I hurt people. I hurt people very deeply at times, and the people I hurt the most are the people I love the most. Sometimes I don’t even care that I hurt people because I am proud. There is something in my nature that revels in creating misery. It’s despicable, but it’s there and I can’t escape it. The acknowledgement of my own sin compels me to believe in the carpenter’s promise. It may not be true; philosophically speaking, I’m not sure we can “know” anything without a doubt, but I choose to believe that the promise is Truth. I choose to believe that I can be saved. I choose to believe that I am saved and no longer have to create sin or be a victim of it. I still do though. I still hurt people frequently and am hurt myself, but I believe that the carpenter’s death allows me to be renewed day-by-day. I can ask forgiveness and forgive others. Day-by-day, breath-by-breath, moment-by-moment I am freed of my evil, miserable past and made into a new creature. I believe that I can never be “good enough” by God’s standards, but the carpenter’s death takes the place of my death. I’ve certainly deserved death thousands of times over, but I can continue to live a life of peace and joy even though I in no way deserve such a life. I believe that when God looks at me He sees the carpenter standing there instead.