Hello World

Tonight I made the header to this website in photoshop. It is an image that has been in my mind for almost a year, but I didn’t take the time to create it until tonight.

Perhaps this can be a metaphor for many aspirations in life. I want to be a person who makes ideas into reality and doesn’t let important things remain undone. For me, creating this header image was an important thing. It is a piece of art that tells me about beauty, depth, and mystery. What do you think?

In the past this little bit of the Internet has been used for the blog I kept while in Australia. These posts are all still on the site and if you’re interested please browse to your heart’s content. Moving forward, however, I’m going to write about stuff. What stuff? All sorts of stuff. Hopefully some of it will be humorous, some emotional, some serious, some highly charged political opinions, some cynical musings of a college Senior. If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to subscribe below!

Happy Thanksgiving!