Days 97-103 – Shark Dive

Has it really only been 100 days? It feels like I should be here longer. I’ll be very, very sad to leave in November, but it won’t be forever. I’m already determined to come back sometime soon!

This week I worked on my programming assignment for Networks. It felt fantastic to code again and feel the intensity of focus and strategy. All semester I honestly haven’t had much academic challenge, but this project was the first true challenge that I had. A couple nights ago I stayed up till 6 am finishing it. Somehow all that uninterrupted time at night is the perfect time to code. It’s not just because programmers have evolved to be use Red Bull as a substitute for sleep!! (And for the record, I don’t drink Red Bull; I drink tea).

My group also gave our final presentation for our Human-Computer Interaction Course. We worked pretty hard on it and it definitely payed off! In fact, our tutor pulled our group aside afterwards and told us that our idea was fantastic and we should consider actually implementing it. We felt very happy to hear that kind of praise, especially from a teacher! Hmm maybe a side project?


Diane, Hosanna, and me with our poster after the presentation!

On Friday night I met Bekkah and Kelsey and we went to a restaurant called Hannibal’s in Surry Hills for dinner. The food was awesome, but the service was not. I’d still recommend the restaurant if you want amazing Lebanese food but don’t mind being neglected for most of your meal. The food came out promptly, but we didn’t get water refills or our check in a timely manner.

After dinner we went to a music venue called 505. We had bought tickets for a West African guitarist named Moussa Diakite. It’s hard to describe how much fun I had that night but if you’ve ever heard good Afro Jazz you might understand. It’s music that moves your body and your soul.

Even the most serious listener cannot help dancing and by the end I think that almost everyone in the room was on their feet. Please take me back…
IMG_2121 IMG_2118 IMG_2116 IMG_2115


This weekend I did the Advanced Open Water PADI Dive Course! On a fluke I got a good deal from the Dive Center in Bondi so I went for it. It was a great class and I got some great experience and teaching. Slowly I’m becoming more adept in the water especially at stuff like controlling my buoyancy and not stirring up sand from the bottom. We did one dive focusing on Navigation which was a complete disaster. I really need to practice with my compass more…

Today we did our final two dives in the course which were boat dives at Magic Point. Finally I got to see sharks!! We saw 4-5 Grey Nurse Sharks and some of them came about 2 metres away from us. Other notable sightings were a Blue Grouper, a Lionfish, a couple of Wobbegong Sharks.