Days 90-96 – Foodie

This week I finally realised how close finals were and how much work I had to do! AHHHHH. I wrote my essay about Fire’s On, a painting by Arthur Streeton, which was actually quite enjoyable (much more so than my English Literature essay on literary criticism).

On Tuesday I met my friend Stephanie for lunch and we went to Pancakes On the Rocks (Trip #5?). After lunch I worked at my essay at the Art Gallery: NSW until they closed. I really like that place. It’s a great environment for study and writing and they have a nice cafe to reward yourself once you’re done!

On Saturday I had a date with Bekkah. First we went to the Eveleigh Markets and, after dropping our purchases back at home, we dragged Russell and his sister, Jess, out again to the city. We visited an ice cream shop called N2 and Bekkah & I went to the Darling Harbour Aquarium. The aquarium is also a nice, calm place to wander through periodically. After the aquarium we met Russell & Jess at a place called the Tea Cosy in the Rocks. If you visit Sydney I would put this one on your “must-visit” list. There you can get Devonshire Tea for $12.50 which includes a pot of tea and two delicious scones with cream and jam. After tea we all walked through the Botanical Gardens and Bekkah & I went to a Spanish Restaurant called Encasa for dinner while Russel & Jess went home. If I wan’t a foodie before, I definitely am now.





Sydneysiders are so lucky to have a beautiful public area like the Royal Botanical Gardens open to them right next to the CBD. Just another reason why Sydney is a fantastic city.


Because I haven’t photographed THIS particular angle of the opera house before.

IMG_2096 IMG_2090 IMG_2081

On Sunday I went canyoning in the Blue Mountains which was AMAZING! Sadly I don’t have any photos because my camera would’ve gotten soaked. We did Juggler’s Canyon which had a lot of abseils and then Grand Canyon which only had one abseil but a ton of scrambling and sketchy, slippery rock ledges. Oh and swimming. In 40 degree water. No wet suit. The picturesque fern grottos, cascading waterfalls, and incredible sense of accomplishment made every minute of pain worthwhile.