Days 104-105 – Wollongong

On Monday I went down to Wollongong to visit my friend Kelsey. She has come up to Sydney several times and I promised I would return the favour so on Monday afternoon I caught the train down the coast. That night I met a few of her friends and we went out a Mexican restaurant called Amigos. It was really good (especially the Coconut Margarita) and I’d definitely go back! Apparently on Tuesdays they have Happy Hour with cheap tacos. When we got back that night we watched the Lego Movie which I had been told was worthwhile. Don’t ask why but I did find it pretty funny.

On Tuesday I visited the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple with Kelsey and one of her friends. It was strange walking around there because Buddhism is such a foreign concept to me. Maybe that is how some people feel walking around a church or religious retreat. There’s so much imagery that I don’t understand. It was still very peaceful and many parts were beautiful. I think it will take some time to process, but this semester has definitely given me a new perspective on religion and Christianity in general. I can’t distill down all that I’ve learned yet because I’m still in the middle of it. It’s interesting how we can ascribe meaning to experiences after the fact. That meaning can even continue to change throughout our lives as we tell new stories about what we experienced.