Day 85-89 – Back From Vacation, Still On Vacation

I’ve been neglecting my blog so now it’s time to catch up!

On Saturday a couple weeks ago I went on an adventure along the Heritage Foreshore Walk from Rose Bay to Watson’s Bay. It’s been really fun becoming familiar with Sydney by bicycle and finding all sorts of interesting places! I’m glad to be a tourist because I don’t take these expeditions¬†for granted!


This sight never gets old.


Watsons Bay. From here I went kayaking with a group of UNSW students. It was a gorgeous day and I experienced some major covetousness for those beautiful houses that lined the Bay.


A Bridge near Parsley Bay

IMG_2029 IMG_2028 IMG_2015 IMG_2012 IMG_2011


Lion Dance at the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde Park


The farmer’s markets will be one of the first things I will miss after leaving Sydney.


At Night Noodle Markets with Nadia, Tyng, and Rebecca, my friends from Hillsong Church Bible Study. They are wonderful people!!

IMG_2056 IMG_2053



Walnut Slice made with Bekkah


Bekkah’s Chocolate Cake. Both were delicious, but they didn’t turn out exactly the way we wanted them to. The icing for the cake was too runny so we made a huge puddle all over the counter. My walnut slice was too sticky and gooey so we had to scoop, rather than slice it out of the pan. Next time use less sugar, more flour.