Day 69-74 – In Which We Arrive At The Present

Not a whole lot happened this week besides school. Mostly I was working on my HCI project and finding ways to procrastinate my English essay.

On Monday I went to a Tea Society event are learned a lot about tea and the food industry. We heard from a couple who run a very successful company called Bondi Chai which manufacture and distribute a powdered chai latte product to cafes all over the world.

On Tuesday I went to The Basement again with Bekkah, and this time Russell showed up too. I had a lot of fun that night, as is usual when I go out dancing. Bekkah was also there for the lesson so she was much improved from the last week.

On Wednesday the BAB went out to celebrate Taina’s birthday. We went to a place called Miss Peaches which serves soul food. I had a lobster gumbo which was really spicy, but nonetheless delicious. Everyone else raved about their fried chicken, fried okra, and creamed corn as well. One defining characteristic of this restaurant was their whiskey list. They have a menu containing just one page of food items, but three full pages of whiskey! The stuff is imported from America mostly and they offered legitimate moonshine from Kentucky. I think I’d like to take my mom there when she visits. (Oh did I mention that Miss Peaches also has social dancing many nights of the week?)

IMG_1801 IMG_1791

After dinner I went into the city with the crew since Taina wanted to find some place with live music. We ended up going to Bar Century, a sticky-floor establishment which I was not impressed with. I quickly took my leave and caught a bus home alone.

On Thursday I made pie at Russel and Bekkah’s place. Soon I will know my way around their kitchen and won’t have to ask where anything is. Bekkah and I are planning to make Coconut Walnut Slice on my next visit.

On Friday I finally started applying myself to that pesky English essay and got a fair amount of research done, but no actual words written. Friday night I escaped the essay by going dancing with Bekkah (yes again) in Newtown. I could get used to this; dancing twice a week is fantastic. We also visited a Sushi Train called Sushi Wow that I enjoyed immensely.

Finally we arrive at the present. Wahoo!

Today I biked to the Bondi Farmer’s Market and got a Chai Masala and a spinach and feta pastry for breakfast. When I got back I finally had to buckle down and write that essay since I am leaving in the morning for New Zealand and essay-writing is pretty much the last thing I’d like to be doing there. Through this extreme bout of procrastination I have learned that I do not care one whit about Renaissance poetry. From the very core of my being I do not care. Poetry is written and enjoyed, but I am not the person you should choose to analyse it. I am a Computer Science and Mathematics major. I care about those things, but I do not care about English. That’s my final verdict.

The essay is done. It is not good, but it is done. And I do not care.

But tomorrow…


I am going to New Zealand and I am very, very excited about that.