Day 68 – Jervis Bay

On Sunday morning I got up super early and went on a trip to Jervis Bay with a club called The Mob. Our first stop was the Kiama blowhole just south of Wollongong.


The city of Wollongong. I was waving at all my Wollongong friends even though we didn’t get to go into the city

DSCN2047 DSCN2050

DSCN2052The drive to Jervis Bay took about 2.5 hours. I attempted to sleep, but ended up mostly staring out the window at the beautiful countryside. These cows have the good life, let me tell you.

DSCN2072 DSCN2080

Once at Jervis Bay we had about an hour to spend on the beach before catching a dolphin-watching cruise. I spent that hour juggling on the beach. It’s so much fun and I seem to be getting better every time I pick them up even though I’m not really practising anything particular!


Yay we found some!


The view from the docks at Jervis Bay


On the way back we went for a short bushwalk at Fitzroy Falls. It is quite an impressive waterfall I must say. It reminded me of Snoqualamie Falls, but I think that Fitzroy had more water volume.

A termite mound along the walking trail

A termite mound along the walking trail

Fitzroy Falls The Falls from another lookout



They fed us a snack that looks suspiciously like Top Ramen. The dry noodles taste like they’ve been roasted and covered in some sort of flavoured powder. It wasn’t half bad, but I still think it’s suspicious.


A glorious end to another beautiful day.