Day 115-121 – In Which I Take Exams, But That’s Not Important

I bet you’ve been wondering how my exams went since those were probably the most enthralling part of my semester abroad so far!

So I got back to Sydney last Thursday at about 11:30 pm and had an exam for HCI the next day at 1:45 pm. I had not prepared for this exam at all before the trip so I drank copious amounts of black tea and stayed up almost all night studying. Wheeeee! It turned out that I probably did not need to resort to such extreme measures since the exam was pretty straightforward.

Friday night I went out with some friends from my Bible Study group to celebrate our friend Rebecca’s 19th birthday. We went to a place called Movida in Surry Hills which specialises in authentic Spanish Tapas. They were quite expensive for only a few bites, but very tasty. After dinner we went to Gelato Messina which is reportedly the best and most popular gelato shop in Sydney. I don’t doubt it since the line stretched out the door!


Rebecca, Emily, me, Jay, Nadia, and Tyng. These ladies are so much fun to hang out with


Wagyu Beef and poached eggs with some sort of delicious sauce.


A mushroom cake at Gelato Messina


The famous Gelato Messina

After dinner & gelato Emily and I on a night walk through downtown Sydney and ended up at the Rock Village Bizarre. We came across this street performer – a contortionist named Emma who fit herself into this tiny box for us. Hats off to her – she deserves a tip.


I took Emily to the Dough Collective and she told me to never take her back because it’s too tempting to eat ALL the carbs.


On Saturday I took enough time out from studying to take Emily to the Farmer’s Market at the Entertainment Quarter. I bought some really good cheese and we had Turkish Gozleme. Next we walked to the Bourke Street Bakery because I told Emily she had to try an authentic meat pie while she was in Australia. We don’t have meat pies in America much for some reason.


Those strawberry meringues were amazing


Saturday Night we went to Darling Harbour to see the fireworks. I think I could live here for years and still be awed by the sight of Darling Harbour at night.

IMG_2216 IMG_2227


After fireworks we went to N2 where they make ice cream with liquid nitrogen! I had some sort of chocolate hazelnut creation with a syringe of chocolate ganache stuck in the top.

That was my fun for the weekend. On Sunday I pretty much just studied for Networks the whole day and took my exams on Monday and Tuesday.

Tuesday night I went to The Basement with Emily and Bekkah. I’m going to miss that place so much. $8 for a live band every week! I don’t even know if Seattle has live bands for that price, let alone weekly.


Hyde park and St. Mary’s Cathedral from the Sydney Eye Tower


Sydney Harbour and the shadow of the skyline.


A purple jacaranda tree in Hyde Park. So pretty!


Last night Emily and I did the coastal walk from Coogee to Bondi and then took the bus back to Bekkah’s for baking. I made a very successful walnut coconut slice, Bekkah made ginger slice, and Emily made some cinnamon rolls which ended up being dough balls topped with sugar, cinnamon, and pecans. I really like hanging out with Bekkah. Baking and fun trips with her have added a lot to my experience here in Australia. Hopefully we’ll keep in touch and get to see each other when she comes to America!